Critter Solutions products have been developed by biosecurity and technology experts and thoroughly field-tested by a team of working ecologists across New Zealand. An integrated and holistic suite of tools for predator detection and control, Critter Solutions applies creative thinking and proven technology to support New Zealand’s goal of PredatorFree2050.



CritterPic provides real-time monitoring of small cryptic species and pest species through instant image feeds and automatic species identification.

- Real-time monitoring of small cryptic species (invertebrates, reptiles, small mammals).
- Provides instant images feeds with automatic species ID.
- Ideal for biodiversity assessments and monitoring, pest detection, surveying for cryptic species.
- Compatible with long-life lure products and EzyLure dispenser.
- Thoroughly field-tested over 3+ years.
- An excellent tool for community engagement.
- Long battery life.
- Environmentally robust.
- Light-weight and easy to set up.
- Available to rent from late 2023

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EzyLure Dispenser is a set-and-forget device that automatically dispenses fresh lure, and can be retrofitted to a wide range of existing traps and bait stations.

- Automatically dispenses a user-selected amount of fresh lure at pre-determined intervals.
- Proven high interaction rates with a wide range of pest species (including rats, possums, stoats, ferrets and feral cats).
- Supports effective camera trap monitoring.
- Can be retrofitted to a wide range of existing traps and bait stations.
- ‘Set and forget’ device removes the need for servicing and refreshing.
- Serves as a pre-feeding device to overcome neophobia
- Long battery life (>2years) on AA batteries.
- Lightweight and easily transportable.
- Environmentally robust.

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Flexi-comms wireless technology connects traps, cameras, and sensors to create a real-time information network across dozens of devices.

- Receive instant information and alerts on trap status, monitoring devices, smart AI cameras and other sensors.
- Small and easily deployable anywhere.
- Uses cutting-edge low-power wireless technology.
- Inputs for trap closures, smart cameras and sensors.  
- Connect dozens of devices through one cloud-access point device.
- Transmit small data (trap status) or complex images.
- Customisable data format, enabling compatibility.

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Species Specific Kill Traps using AI Technology

A world-first in smart self-resetting kill-traps which use AI technology, with real-time species identification to only trigger on your selected pest species. 

- Prevents non-targeted species from being harmed.
- Enables safe and effective pest control in a ‘set-and-forget’ style.
- Fitted with its own automated lure dispenser.
- Flexi-comms technology enables long-life or remote deployment.
- Available in late 2024

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Smart Camera Monitoring System

Cost-effective, intelligent cameras for wildlife surveillance and detection which are low-cost, low-power and long-life.

- Based on CritterPic® imaging technology with real-time, on-board species identification via AI.
- Intelligent camera for wildlife surveillance and detection.
- Overcomes current limitations with traditional trail cameras, including false triggers, neophobia, and high equipment and labour costs.
- Includes a user-friendly online data management interface.
- Available in late 2024

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